I want to take a minute to acknowledge a person who should be noticed in our day and age. A trailblazer of the silver screen. An ambassador of beauty, grace, and elegance. She can be prolific, gritty, or endearing. I am talking about the one and only Selma Hayek. 

As a young man growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s Selma (I think im on good enough terms to call her that. I’ve never met her but she would be cool with that) was in every genre of movie. BUT, one thing did strike me as odd about her, she has not aged since the 90’s. So I have some theories about her timeless beauty.   

She is a Latin goddess

So as a christian I do believe in God. But I believe there are some realities to the myths people told. Even if that reality was, it’s just a story, the inspiration had to come from somewhere, right? I cannot pinpoint which one Selma is but im sure it was an immortal and beautiful one. How do you explain her sway she has over men. How can you explain 25+ years in show business and (my truth, LOL) she steps on set, needs no makeup, no script,  or wardrobe and just does great.

She found the legendary fountain of youth

In legend, the fountain of youth was searched for by spanish explorers. It was said to be in the americas. Well, Selma might of actually found it. Oh, snap, or, she a descendant of someone or a people who have found it. Think about it. The youthful properties gets passed down each generation giving them longevity. If this is the case she will be 120 years old before we see a wrinkle.

She actually takes care of herself

With all the technology and breakthroughs in fitness and medicine Mrs. Hayek might just be very diligent in eating healthy and working out. This is probably the most far fetched theory. I mean gyms are only around for people to sign up in January for a “new years resolution”, stop going in 2 months and continue to pay for a gym subscription until the end of summer. Everybody knows that. That would also suggest that Selma does some sort of regular physical activity. Not with a figure like that, her figure is called a blessing. 

Whatever her magic may be, I as a virial man, I have no qualms with the ever beautiful Selma Hayek. May they erect statues in her name. May the people from around the world view her works as not just movies but historical documents that should be reverenced and protected. May we all stare at her beauty and shed a tear, for we have all looked upon extraordinary, beautiful, greatness.

This a satirical piece. I have the upmost Respect for Selma Hayek and her contribution to the filming industry. I pray she has 50+ more years to entertain and grace us with her beauty.

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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