One day there was an ant 🐜 collecting food. He and his family worked hard collecting food every year before winter. “Hey Ben, what you up to today”. Ben looked back at him, “Really, you know what I’m doing, collecting food, you comedian. Are you that bored, I know what you can do?”. Anthony looked back at him with a deadpan 😐 expression, “let me guess, collect food🍲🍓🥪🍩”. Ben answered, “yup”. So Benant and Anthony went back to collecting food. 

Hard working

While collecting food Benant wandered off and was a little lost. He looked around and could not find the trail. That’s when he ran into the grasshopper🦗. He was a real laid back guy. He wore a nice leather jacket on, a gold chain, rings, a medallion of a guitar and some aviator shades.  Benant looked at him confused😕. “Hey, sorry to trouble you but do you know where the ant hill is?” The grasshopper looked lost. He was holding a cup that had steam come out of it. After about 2 sips he looked like he came to, “Ok, sorry. Mocha Latte with 5 pumps of espresso☕. Only way I can do what I do. The ant hill⛰️, I can show you better than I can tell you follow me”. Ten minutes later the ant hill was in site. The grasshopper laughed and shook his head, the ant noticed him laughing, “Is there something funny?” Asked Benant. 

Living the dream

The grasshopper looked around and asked, “What are you really doing?”. The ant scoffed, “Work! I may not like it but it’s gotta be done. We all can’t just jump around all day making music and drinking lattes”. The grasshopper looked around then shook his head, “I mean you could? If 4 or 5 of you stopped production and learned to do anything else, would it hurt? There are literally thousands of you in the ant hill. You all can lift 10 times your weight and this is all you can think to do with all that strength and skills. You guys are masters at working together and problem solving and 1 queen tells 10,000 of you what to do with no regard to your own opinion. You all work very, very, very hard, but not smart”. He pulled out his phone📱📲, “watch this, a few swipes and BAAM! All my shopping, for the winter, done! It will be here in 2 days. It’s just that easy.” The grasshopper looked off like he was posing into a camera. “Oh and who do you think is delivering it?” The ant looked at his phone, Antmazon🐜 and BeeBay🐝. He was just in a commercial, twilight zoned and black mirrored all in a few swipes.

Benant looked stunned, “Wait! So why are we collecting this stuff?” the grasshopper looked at him and with a blank expression😑 and took another sip of his latte. Then the ant realizes it. He was a corporate drone collecting for the hill, not himself. 

Winter came and went. The grasshopper continued to explore the meaning life, tranquility, and working on his music. He did this all from the comforts of his nicely insulated home. Benant became an activist for ant rights and started his own podcast about ant, bee, insect conspiracy theories. 

Welcome back, I’m here with H. B. Combs Arthur of the book, The Hive. So H.B., as an ant I am supposed to always know where “the trail” is. The day I got lost was the day I found myself. What’s your thoughts on that? “Well same here the day I said no, I’m not pollinating today was the day I took my control back. Yes it felt odd, at first but now, I pollinate when I please. I also write when I please…”

The moral of the story is hard work is good but working hard and smart is better. Know why you are doing something, don’t just do it because everyone else is doing it. Questions are good to ask but know the difference between asking a question and arguing a point for no reason and with no resolve. 

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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