Let’s continue this series

Three weeks later the earth is reeling from the loss of random family, friends and heroes. Tony is stranded in space with Nebula. As soon as he was about to give in to death They are saved by Captain Marvel. She quickly rallies the troops to go and get the stones from Thanos. Nebula narrows down his location and they go and get the stones. Upon arrival they quickly learn that Thanos destroyed the stones and Thor kills Thanos. 

Thor killing Thanos Marvel Studios

Five years pass and the remaining heroes all are trying to cope the best they can. Natasha is hit the hardest. During a talk with Steve Rogers, Scott Lang shows up at the Avengers compound. He was pronounced “dusted” after Thanos snapped his fingers. He told them he was stuck in the Quantum Realm but it was only 5 hours for him not 5 years. He then proposed a time heist to go back in time to get the stones and undo what Thanos did. They go to Tony to see if he will help. He refuses, but in his curiosity to see if it will work he discovers it will work. Steve and the crew then go to seek out Bruce. He tries and fails. Just then Tony shows up to help. They then rally the team. They come up with the location of the Stones and use time travel to go get them and undo the Snap. 

The team ready to time travel Marvel Studios

In the past they run into a few hiccups and past Thanos finds out their plan. When they get back to the present they bring back everybody but Thanos and his army comes through the time portal too. One of the most massive battles follows. A battle that tops the one from the previous movie. (One of the best sci-fi battles in cinematic history). Tony, Steve and Thor fight Thanos. The lost heroes come back. Thanos Army vs Wakanda, Sorcerers, Asgrdians, and the Avengers. The women of marvel get a moment to shine. Cinematic Gold. 

The big battle Marvel Studios

The final fight ended up being Tony and Thanos. Tony gets the stones and uses them to dust Thanos and his army. He then dies. Tony is given a tear jerker of a funeral. Natasha’s sacrifice is mentioned. Steve goes to the past to put back the stones but doesn’t return. He shows up as an old man to pass the mantle of Captain America on to Sam. The End.

Avengers Endgame Marvel Studios

NOPE! After Tony’s death Spiderman has really stepped into the spotlight. Nick Fury is in need of his services but Peter wants to be a normal teenager and date girls. He is also reeling from the fact that Tony left him a Billion dollar A.I. satellite. Nick intervenes and gets his way and sends his class on a trip through Europe as a cover for Peter to find out what these new threats are. We are introduced to Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) who says he is from another dimension and these threats are here to destroy earth. After they defeat these threats Peter gives Mysterio the glasses that will access the A.I. Peter believed Mysterio would be a better hero than himself.

Spiderman: Far from Home

Peter finds out he was wrong and Mysterio was playing them all. Happy goes to Peter to help. Peter creates a new suit and goes to fight Mysterio. Spider man wins, gets the girl, but is blindsided by his identity being broadcasted on every screen in New York. 

Basically around the same time Wanda finds herself in a small town in New Jersey. Sam and Bucky deal with the Flag smashers and Loki discovers the TVA (Time Variance Authority)

(I will make this all brief as possible)

Wanda learned that Vision’s body was being held by SWORD. The sister agency of SHIELD. She got his body reassembled and made a fantasy world for them to live in. The series ran like a sitcom going from the 1950’s to the 2000’s. She and Vision also have 2 kids. Toward the end Monica looks like she received powers. Another Vision (White Vision) was made. Wanda learned more about her powers due to Agatha Harken (Kathryn Hahn) (It was later revealed that Agatha was a witch and unlike all the otters she knew what Wanda was doing). Wanda leaves and goes to the creator, now lake, where Sokovia used to be and lived alone in a house on the lake. Thinking when it all ended her kids were gone she then heard them cry out to her.

Wandavision Marvel Studios

Sam and Bucky basically find peace. Sam realizes he can be a black man and Captain America and Bucky with the death of a young man he caused. He told the young man’s father what he did. This series played more on the legacy of Captain America, Financial struggles of vets and heroes and changing the status quo. It really does not have to do with the MCU as a whole but it’s a very good series. 

Falcon and Winter Soldier Marvel Studios

Loki was able to free himself in Avengers after they messed with the Timeline. He used the tesseract and was quickly found by the TVA. He was taken in and prosecuted. We then learn that Loki variants are trying to mess up the sacred timeline and have to be stopped. One major Variant of Loki, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) has been eluding the TVA. Mobius (Owen Wilson) comes up with the idea to use one Loki to catch another. Loki tracks down Sylvie to learn that she wants to kill the Heads of the TVA because they took her life from her with no explanation. He agrees to somewhat help her because he does not trust them either. He ends up falling in love with Sylvie. 

Loki Variant Marvel Studios

The two of them make it to He Who Remains (Johnathan Majors) the man that sits at the beginning, end, and center of it all. He tells them how he met his variants in the multiverse and at first everything was fine until some of his variants got greedy. A war followed and he cut off the current MCU timeline to prevent his variants from conquering it. He then told them that there was a point in time where he would not know what’s to come and it happened during their conversation. (We do not know what caused this yet but speculation says it was the fight between Wanda and Agatha in Wandavision)

Sylvie and Loki Marvel Studios
He Who Remains Marvel Studios

Slyvie wants to kill him. He who Remains said if you kill me then you will open the timeline up to something even worse. So he gave Loki and her an option: take over and keep the sacred timeline intact or kill him and unleash the chaos. Loki and Sylvie fight. She tricks Loki and sends him through a time portal. She then kills He who remains. Loki tried to get back but realized he was in another timeline. 

Loki Marvel Studios

The what if series 

Now that the multiverse exists and the possibility of stories are endless. 

We know Uatu will make his MCU debut. We also know it will be nine episodes. Confirmed stories will be:

Captain Peggy Carter – A world where Peggy took the super soldier serum

Captain Peggy Carter

Star Lord T’Challa – T’challa is taken by Youndu and becomes Star Lord

Star Lord T’Challa

Ironman and Killmonger – Tony and Eric Killmonger form some kind of partnership

Tony and Killmonger

MCU Zombie verse

Zombie Cap

Speculations (from what we see in the trailer):

Clint may become the Hulk 

T’challa starts his own sort of avengers team

Ultorn won 

Spiderman becomes Sorcerer supreme 

Dr. Strange gave into the temptations of Dormammu

Kilmonger Worked with Wakandans instead of against them

Ant man head in a jar tells of a dark future or a comedy episode

Gamora defeated Thanos  

There you have the start of the multiverse. 


Due to the multiverse opening up in the MCU this will give marvel a chance to branch out into other movies not under the current MCU banner such as Venom, Morbius, and any future marvel movie not under Disney or Fox. It also opens up the possibility to insert Mutants (X-Men) into the mix and not mess with the established canon. Marvel has a long list of movies and shows coming out between now and 2023. I think only certain movies will deal with the Multiverse and the possible threats of Kang and or Imortus.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 rings (9/2021) – Maybe some mentions of the MCU as a whole, but no direct involvement of the multiverse. There will be some significance to the whole 10 rings thing

Shang Chi Marvel Studios

Eternals (11/2021) – No connection to the multiverse but a connection to Thanos. This will probably give us some background of the ancient marvel universe

Eternals Marvel Studios

Spiderman: No way Home (12/2021) – Some connection to the multiverse but not a lot. My guess it’s mostly a movie about Spider Man dealing with a new villain while trying to navigate relationships, school, and getting a new mentor. I would like if they could link it to the spider verse

Hawkeye show and Ms. Marvel Show (2021) – No connection. Hawkeye may have more of a connection to the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Ms. Marvel will be laying the groundwork for younger heroes in the MCU.

Hawkeye Marvel Studios

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (3/2022) – A lot of connection to the Multiverse hopefully Mordo comes back. 

Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder (5/2022) – very little connection to the multiverse. I think Thor will be trying to find himself while Jane is discovering her new abilities. Plus love is in the title name so yea, they might hook up, again. 

Jane Foster with Thor’s powers

She Hulk Series (2022) – Very little connection to the multiverse. BUT, in the comic Jen had an interesting relationship with powerful space beings. I think Marvel will focus more on her interactions with Matt Murdoch or Hulk.

She hulk

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (7/2022) – No connection to the multiverse. I think this one will be a stand alone movie to wrap up the black panther movies in the MCU until we all heal and can accept another Black Panther. 

Marvels (11/2022) – Some connection to the multiverse. More of a connection to the Guardians and Eternal series of movies. 

Captain Marvel

Ant Man and Wasp: Quantumania (2/2023) – It will start out as Ant Man usual antics and lead to connecting to the multiverse

Ant Man and Wasp

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (5/2023) – Very little connection to the multiverse. Hopefully Adam warlock will show if not we will probably get a story of Quil trying to rediscover love with Gamora and a possible lead into Annihilation, Secret Wars, or Secret Invasion . 

Fantastic 4 (2023) – Some links to the multiverse or laying down the groundwork of a war with Kang or secret wars. 

Blade (TBA) – no link to the multiverse. Opening the door for vampires and possibly some night creatures into the MCU (Moon Knight). Plus if you noticed Marvel has hardly any movies ever out in October. 

Deadpool (TBA) – Possible links to the multiverse and induction of mutants into the broader MCU

Deadpool Marvel Studios and Fox

Moon Knight (TBA) – No link to the Multiverse. May have a tie in with movies like Blade and Dr. Strange.  

Moon Knight

Secret Invasion (TBA) – No link to the multiverse. Will have ties to Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and what he was doing at the end of Spider Man 2.

There you have it people. You are now armed with some background and possible future of the MCU. Call it your cliffsnotes to the MCU. If you like what you have read let me know in the comments. 

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