Humans are interesting creatures. We have advanced so much in our short time on this planet. As we grow as a society, time teaches us so many things. The interesting thing about this is that we continue to do the same things over and over again like it’s the first time. Even when we did not experience something and we know about it, we still fall into the pit hole of repeating the experience. So here are some common things I noticed that we forget changes in time.


We covet our technology to the point of reliance and addiction. My phone will be obsolete in 2 years. After 2 years it will still be a phone but all the features it did have on it will start to operate slower and less efficiently. After about 5 years it will be only good enough to be used as just a phone. 

Technology usually has a 6 month life span. After that it’s all downhill. Value of any tech will decrease very fast but for some strange reason we treat it like we found a lost relic. Then after a few weeks we really don’t care. We are on to the next shiny and new thing right after. New tech will debut at ridiculous amounts of money. Three to six months later, prices drop like it’s the worst thing on the market.    

What’s Important

When we are children the world is big and unknown. Our toys and the little things that belong to us are the most important. As we get older things seem to take a turn. That little toy that was important to us at 5 is not even a thought at 15. The bike that we loved to ride at 15 really doesn’t matter at 25. The issues we had at 25 mean nothing at 35. 

Stewie loving Rupert (Family Guy, Fox)

Getting older gives us a different perspective on life. Experience is an awesome teacher and it shows us how our priorities change over the years. What we hold close to us changes because we can see a bigger picture. When I first started teaching I had to save every child by any means necessary. I would burn myself out learning new teaching methods and ways to help my students. After a few years I learned you can’t save everybody. After a few more years I had hindsight and could spot issues before they started. I stopped things before they really got out of hand. I knew the kids who needed more and the kids who just needed a little nudge. I never stopped doing the job, I just learned where to put my energy and how to manage what was important versus how I felt. 

Grandfather Carries Grandson On Shoulders During Walk In Park

Things over time either gain or lose value. I can appreciate my wife’s advice because I can see she wants to help me. (At the time it’s pretty hard for me to see her advice as help). I can also see how my son will get upset over 5 Lego pieces and forget he has a tub of 1000. Hindsight is truly a gift.


The older I get the more I don’t care about other people’s opinions. At one point in life it was important to me, like most people. I later realized time gives you perspective and a broader picture. The opinions of people then became small pieces of a huge puzzle that is your life. Over time I started to realize, opinions change like the sands in a desert. They are always there, they just shift constantly and don’t hold much weight. 

What’s acceptable

If you look through all human history you will see pioneers getting the short end of the stick. Aristarchus, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler (all believed the earth was round and we are not the center of the universe or our own solar system). Alfred Wagner (continental drift), Civil Rights leaders, Same sex marriage, gender evolution, etc… All these things have one thing in common, the people who pioneered these ideas had it tough. 

Lemongrab Adventure Time

If you go back to ancient times Christianity had it tough. They would get crucified, stoned, and tortured. Then somebody said, “Hey, they are cool. Leave them alone”. Then the same folk who professed Christianity told the scientific community, “Stop your research, the earth is flat and we are at the center”. Those, now Christians, tortured and jailed those scientist. Some time passed and they were like, “Hey you know those scientists we disgraced and killed, they were right”. (Guy in torture chamber drops his axe and cries. He knows he’s out of a job now). Time passed yet again and somebody said, “Look I have servants, but I have to pay them. How about we get servants that we don’t need to pay. When they get out of line we will beat them. Oh an we will call it slavery”. OH! Then the same people who, again, professed God (because multiple religions don’t agree with the lifestyle) said “You 2 can’t marry. It is not right”. 

NOW! All the things previously mentioned are acceptable. The question is, what’s next? Kids getting their genes spliced with animals? Internet accessible through contact lenses and thought? (LOL, these are all plots to cartoons and anime). We are becoming more adult as a society and still growing. One day something is offensive or wrong. The next day it’s not. 

Us (humans)

Many of my topics have to do with age and getting older. Watching my son has allowed me to see things from another angle. He reminds me of what life was like before it became what I view it today. As we get older our brains and bodies change and it never stops until we pass on to glory. Even after death our bodies still go through changes. 

My son just turned 7. Did you know every 7 to 10 years our bodies go through a full cell regeneration cycle of our entire bodies. Meaning my son’s body just went through his first cell regeneration cycle. As he gets older he will slide into his awkward phase and then into puberty. Even as he goes through his 20’s he will have better control of his brain impulses and body. By his 30’s he will feel invincible then after 35 his check engine light will start blinking. By 40 he should watch what he eats and follow up with his check ups.    

“Why should he do all that J?”

Because like all of us age really creeps up on us. One day we can conquer the world. The next day we are wondering, where did all my energy go? Humans are always growing and constantly changing. I think we tend to forget or just don’t notice, who we are today will not be who we are tomorrow.   

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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